Toronto Dentures


Dentures are custom-made in different shapes and sizes, depending on the number of teeth you’re missing. At Liberty Village Dental, we examine your mouth and based on your case, we recommend the most suitable denture option of the following for you:

  • Complete/Full Denture (for patients who are missing all their teeth)
  • Partial Denture (for patients who are missing some teeth)
  • Fixed Denture (dentures that get anchored permanently to your jaws)
  • Removable Denture (dentures that can be removed and put back on at the patient’s convenience)

We’re proud to be doing the full denture process in our office, starting with taking an impression of your bite, all the way to placing the denture in your mouth and making sure it is a perfect fit. During future follow ups, adjustments may be needed because of the nature of our shifting teeth.

We’re always available to provide you with quality dental care that fits your dental needs and your lifestyle. For dental questions, concerns or dental emergencies, call us at 416-533-3323 or book an appointment today.