Teeth Whitening

Enhance your look and improve first impressions with a brighter, more radiant smile.

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We’ll help you improve the colour of your teeth by 2-6 shades whiter in just 1 visit!

Professional teeth whitening can boost your confidence in just one session. When your teeth get 2-6 shades brighter after the first visit, you won’t be able to stop smiling!

Key Benefits:

  • Short treatment period
  • Long-lasting results
  • Boost in self confidence
  • Instantly whiter teeth and brighter smile

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Teeth Whitening Toronto

At Liberty Village Dental, we recommend that you avoid stain-causing foods and drinks for 24 hours after the Venus Whitening procedure. The effect is long-lasting, but smoking cigarettes and drinking tea or coffee will still stain your teeth over time. For the Venus Teeth Whitening effect to last longer, make sure you take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day.

The 3 methods of teeth whitening we do in our office:

Venus white Max-in-office whitening

  • Offers a brighter, whiter smile after just one appointment.
  • Dentist-supervised, in-office procedure is fast and effective.
  • Venus White Max contains potassium nitrate which helps decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching.

Venus white Ultra-take-home prefilled trays

Venus White Ultra Whitening Trays contain a controlled amount of advanced mint-flavored whitening gel. The signature trays, which are thin and flexible, are designed to fit each individual tooth and provide uniform coverage, whitening tight spaces even between teeth.

  • Once-a-day treatment for up to seven days.
  • Visibly whiter teeth in just three days.
  • Each disposable tray is pre-filled with mint flavored whitening gel.
  • Ultra thin tray material- designed to mold securely around each tooth for maximum comfort and uniform coverage.
  • Upper and lower trays sized differently for best fit.

Venus white Pro-custom tray syringes

  • Venus White Pro gels are delivered via customized bleaching trays—made by your dental professional—which precisely fit and bleach your teeth evenly.
  • Available in three different strengths—your dental professional will help you choose the right strength for you.
  • Day or night wear options to best suit your lifestyle.
  • Mint flavor for your comfort.
  • Gel contains potassium nitrate which helps decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching.

We’re always available to provide you with quality dental care that fits your dental needs and your lifestyle. For dental questions, concerns or dental emergencies, call us at 416-533-3323 or book an appointment today.

Tips to Prevent Tooth Discolouration After TEETH WHITENING

Once you’ve completed a whitening treatment, there are a few steps you can take to maintain your whiter smile.

  • Avoid stain-causing foods and beverages– coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks, hard candy, berries and tomato sauce are all foods that can cause tooth discoloration.
  • Use a straw– when drinking beverages, use a straw to keep stain-causing dyes away from your teeth.
  • Quit smoking– smoking tobacco can cause teeth to become discolored. Eliminating tobacco can help keep your teeth bright.

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